As a freelance insurance writer, I often write about health insurance, dental insurance, group insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. A small sample of my insurance writing is available on this page. There are many samples that I have permission to share privately, so if you’d like to see more, feel free to contact me.

For Colgate

Is Indemnity Dental Insurance Right for You?

Types of Dental Coverage: Which is Right for You?

For a Health Insurance Agency*

3 Reasons Why Health Insurance Plans for Casual Workers Can’t Be Ignored

Everything You Need to Know About Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Group Benefits vs. Individual Benefits: Which is Better?

For an Insurance Agency*

Is it Time to Evaluate Your Employee Benefit Program?

3 Kinds of Employee Benefits for Small Businesses

Do Your Workplace Wellness Solutions Suit Your Employees’ Needs?

For an HR Technology Company*

Why Group Insurance is a Key Tool for Employee Retention

When Should My Company Offer Short-Term Disability Insurance?

What Type of Insurance Coverage Should You Offer to Employees?

What Employee Benefits Do Your Workers Actually Want?

The True Value of Offering Life Insurance Products to Employees

Providing Critical Illness Insurance to Employees

Have You Checked the Fine Print in Your Long-Term Disability Contract?

How to Build an Employee Wellness Program that Actually Works

3 Common Questions About Voluntary Benefits, Answered

Are Voluntary Benefits Right for My Business?

*via Westman Editorial