Recent Projects

What I’ve Been Working on Lately

On this page, you’ll find details about some of my recent projects. To respect client confidentiality, some projects are described in general terms.

Website Content for Colgate

Colgate’s Oral Care Center is a trusted source of online oral health information. Consumers can visit the Oral Care Center to get quick answers to their questions about everything from proper brushing technique to rare oral health conditions. I’ve been a regular contributor to the Oral Care Center since 2015. Here are some of my recent articles:

Is Indemnity Dental Insurance Right for You?

What is a Holistic Dentist and Should You See One?

Do You Know Your Saliva pH? Here’s Why It’s Important

Bisphenol A in Dental Sealants: Is It Safe?

How to Find an Emergency Dentist When You Need One

Blog Content for a Speech Therapy Clinic

I’m currently writing blog content for a Texas-based speech therapy clinic. These blog posts educate parents about oral motor dysfunction, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss and other conditions that may affect children.

Content for a Women’s Health App

I’m currently writing content for a popular women’s health app. The app educates women about sexual health, fertility problems, pregnancy and other related concerns.