As a freelance technology writer, I specialize in health technology, SaaS, human resources technology and enterprise resource planning. Here are some of my published technology blog posts and articles.

For Colgate:

Dental Technology: 3D Printed Teeth and More

For a national home health care franchise, via Westman Editorial:

3 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Elderly Home Care

For a Canadian human resource consulting firm, via Westman Editorial:

What is a Human Resource Information System?

What Business Owners Need to Know About HRIS

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing New HR Software

Small Business Administration Weighing You Down? Try These Solutions

For a SaaS company, via Westman Editorial:

What Are ERP Systems?

10 Key Features You Should Expect from Cloud-Based ERP Systems

5 Tips for Finding the Best Web-Based ERP System

What’s the Best Way to Ensure Efficient Order Management?